Genoma Day Light Face Crème

This hydrating crème plumps up and softens the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For D'Adamo Genoma Day Light Face Crème, Dr. D'Adamo created two powerful herbal combinations: The first blends lecithin, carnosine, and milk thistle extracts together to stop stiffening of collagen fibers, a major reason for the formation of wrinkles and lines.

The second blends date, pomegranate, and strawberry extracts together to provide a superior broad-spectrum antioxidant protection. These plant antioxidants are many times more effective than synthetic vitamins as well as up to three times more effective than green tea and red wine. To this blend of antioxidants Dr. D'Adamo added the wild-crafted extract of cassia seed, a renowned Ayurvedic plant similar to hyaluronic acid in its moisturizing benefits. This versatile moisturizing crème can be worn alone or under make up.

Genoma Restorative Night Crème

Talk about a dream crème! D’Adamo Genoma™ Restorative Night Crème is a heavier crème designed to promote a more intense level of tissue detoxification and reverse the effects of oxidative stress and skin glycation – the causes of wrinkling, sagging and age-spots.

For D’Adamo Genoma™ Restorative Night Crème, Dr. D’Adamo blends a proprietary extract of mung bean, a plant known since ancient times to possess anti-irritant properties, with carnosine and yerba mate, renowned for their ability to block tissue-aging glycation. This complex improves hydration, firmness and smoothness of the skin and clearly reduces wrinkle depth. Dr. D’Adamo also added wild-crafted clary sage to the formula to enhance drainage of the lymphatic channels under the skin and enhance tissue detoxification. The crème also reverses the effects of oxidative stress, the cause of wrinkles, sagging and age spots.

Genoma Rejuvenating Cleanser

The cleanser is a creamy, super-hydrating formulation that gently removes dirt, make-up and excess oils from the skin without over stripping essential oils from the skin. This formula takes skin cleansing to the next level.

Dr. D'Adamo uses the naturally occurring amino dipeptide carnosine to help block chronic glycation, an important cellular reaction that is suspected to accelerate aging. D'Adamo Genoma Rejuvenating Cleanser also features wild-crafted extract of Krameria root (rhatany), one of Nature's gentlest and most effective cleansers. This unique formula is further enhanced with a proprietary extract of lemon myrtle, a plant long used for healing by indigenous Australians. As an added benefit, the cleanser can also be used as a hydrating masque.

Genoma AGE-Inhibiting Toner

After a thorough cleansing of the skin, pat dry and apply your D'Adamo Genoma AGE-Inhibiting Toner by spraying the entire face until damp. Spray face with eyes closed. Let dry on skin for let dry on skin and then apply moisturizer. You can use the toner again throughout the day to freshen and moisten the skin.

To make this unique toner, Dr. D'Adamo uses three natural mineral peptides to enhance toning of the ligaments underlying the skin, helping to tighten soft and sagging facial muscles. To this he added wild-crafted extracts of milk thistle, neroli flower, and krameria root, to help tighten pores and help expel trapped dirt and debris. D'Adamo Genoma AGE-Inhibiting Toner absorbs quickly, and provides continuous natural quenching hydration to your skin-without a heavy, greasy feel. The unique formula also features aspen bark as a natural preservative: No harmful chemicals or preservatives!