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SRP $84.85 Save $15.00 Now! Pack Price 69.85. This combo pack includes (1) Membrosia Complex, (1) Membrosia Fluidizer and (1) Glycosia. In his clinical research, Dr. D'Adamo is not content to settle for trendy, common ingredients that are harmful to or not effective for one or more blood types. Membrosia powder contains lecithin - an essential nutrient, trehalose - a molecule that increases the elimination of cellular by-products and enhances effectiveness, and uridine - a building block of the RNA molecule. Membrosia Fluidizer is a blend of five natural oils - flax seed, cod liver oil, black cumin oil, perilla seed oil, and walnut oil. Black cumin and walnut oils have been used since antiquity and have shown positive effects in controlling allergies and enhancing detoxification in the nervous system. Perilla seed oil is rich in rosmarinic acid, which has been shown to help properly regulate immune function. Cod liver and flax oils are rich in omega oils and considered "brain food." They also contribute to hormonal balance. Glycoscia is the first blood sugar support formula Right for All Types. Dr. D'Adamo carefully selected three well-researched botanicals from the traditional texts of China, India, and Japan, and blended them with nature's foundational flavonoid Quercetin and the potent nutraceutical Resveratrol. Directions: Mix two (2) level teaspoons of Membrosia Complex and one and a half (1.5) teaspoons of Membrosia Fluidizer in 4-6 oz. of a beneficial juice in the morning. Avoid consuming any fatty foods for fifteen minutes after taking Membrosia. Take along with (2) capsules of Glycosia.

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