Finger Length and Fingerprinting

Click anywhere outside of this window, or the X icon at the upper right, to exit.

Click on the screen to play a short video on how to measure your finger lengths and record your fingerprints.

White Lines/ Both Hands (Required)

You must answer either 'Yes' or 'No.' This assessment is discussed in the video.

Finger Length Measurements/ Both Hands (Required)

Two numbers are required (index finger and ring finger on both hands). You must enter the data in millimeters.These measurements are discussed in the video.

Fingerprinting (dermatoglyphics) / Both Hands (Required)

For each hand you must select an appropriate finger print pattern from the pull-down menu. The options include 'Whorl,'Ulnar Loop, 'Radial Loop,' 'Arch' and Composite.' If you are unsure of a fingerprint pattern, you may want to ask a friend, or simply select 'Composite.' When a pattern is selected, a representaion of that fingerprint will display on the form. This is to help make identification a bit easier. Obviously, these are not you exact fingerprints. This assessment is discussed in the video.