Hello, and welcome to SWAMI XP2.

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The SWAMI Diet Intake Form
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SWAMI Preferences Section
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Typical SWAMI Report Page
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Rich and Simple.

Imagine walking into your local bookstore, picking up a popular diet book, and watching it miraculously write itself for you in front of your very eyes! That's the power of SWAMI XP2. Unlike static, unchangeable, one-size-fits-all diet books, SWAMI XP2 will use your own health profile to build a dynamic, unique book that is right for your biochemical individuality.

SWAMI XP2 features an attractive, well-structured user interface. Web-based, so you are always using the latest version of the software. Extensive help and information screens make getting your data into SWAMI XP2 a snap.

You tell It, It tells You.

Incorporating blood types, biometric measurements and fingerprint data SWAMI XP2 allows you to add an astounding amount of new detail to your dietary recommendations and supplies you with an incredibly detailed, reader friendly and versatile report. Swami XP2 enables you to generate an estimated 50-page personalized dietary report out of your printer after 12,600,000 individual calculations performed on 225 individual nutrient values found for each of 800 different foods, all matched to the results of your measurements and intake facts.

However, that is not the end of SWAMI's capabilities.

Do you keep a Kosher kitchen? Lean towards a more Paleo lifestyle? You can alert SWAMi to your specific preferences and it will adjust its results to try and accommodate them. You can also tweak SWAMI in specific support directions, such as healthy nervous system function or better hormonal balance.

Nutrient Filters and GenoHarmonics.

The Nutrient Filter, a special feature long supported in the professional version of SWAMI, has just been introduced in SWAMI XP. This handy device allows you to select certain nutrients that can be emphasized and de-emphasized in your diet. Need to increase foods with a beneficial ration of omega-3 fatty acids? No problem. Restrict gluten-containing foods? No problem.

GenoHarmonic food relationships emphasize combinations of superbeneficial foods containing nutrients that enhance the overall epigenetic health of the body. Because maintaining gene fidelity is a major hallmark of healthy aging, using these food combinations will have maximium personalized health-enhancing effects in your body.

Infinitely Expandable.

SWAMI XP2 is designed to grow as your horizons expand. Do you have information on your ancestral DNA haplogroups? New lab results? No problem! Although not required, SWAMI XP2 can incorporate these data, and more!

But SWAMI XP2 is way more than a diet report system. Press the next button to learn about the myriad of extras that come with SWAMI XP2.

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