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What Current Users Are Saying About SWAMI

When I tried SWAMI everything fell into place. I got a diet that was very much like the diet I instinctive was drawn to- and that has made it much easier to be compliant.

What I like is, that it is not static - it continues to develop- when I figure out new things about my family or health or I age or get sick It changes and I get a diet that is as close as perfect can be.


The SWAMI software, created by Dr. Peter D'Adamo has greatly enhanced the lives of both my husband and myself, as well as numerous friends and relatives. This lifestyle change began 2.5 years ago and we have never looked back. Once a month, we have dinner with three other couples who also follow SWAMI and the conversation inevitably comes around to how much we have gained from this lifestyle change.

Physically, extra weight has left; agility and energy has been restored. Emotionally, calmer and able to handle stress with equanimity. Mentally, clearer thinking processes and enhanced capacity to see things to completion.

All in all, we marvel at the restoration that takes place on a daily basis as we continue to be true to ourselves. We look and feel more youthful, behave gracefully in the handling of daily stressors and are very grateful to be able to recapture doing those things that have been neglected due to lack of health.

As for our health, there have been no regrets as this is by far the best investment that we have ever made.


I advise everyone to buy it before someone realises that they got the price wrong;) - it's all-encompassing,life changing, priceless and brilliant!

It gives you your real life back.

--John Flynn

With the information I inputted into my SWAMI, I received a highly personalized and effective diet that is so individualized that the chances of anyone having a diet just like mine is in the tens of millions. But best of all, is the assurance I got that I would be able to feed my body the healthiest foods for my specific genetics with the potential to protect me from turning on the genes of my ancestor's unfortunate maladies. Who wouldn't want to invest in something so personalized for such a small investment?

I liken having a personalized SWAMI to having had the good fortune to afford a customized designer outfit that sells for thousands of dollars but I got it for way way way below wholesale.

For me SWAMI has been an invaluable healing tool and after following it for 3+ years, I don't think I could confidently live as healthfully, without it! Prior to my SWAMI, I followed the BTD since 1988.


SWAMI provide a unique tool for consumers to benefit from the recent advances in the field of bioinformatics. This simple to use software allows people to derive a diet plan customized for their specific needs, just by entering a few measurements and their health history. No advanced degrees or hours of study are required to sort through the confusing literature of health claims and counterclaims. SWAMI analyzes the input data and sorts through the literature for you to identify what applies to your case and generates a health plan ideally suited for you.

---Dr. Kent Palmer, Associate Professor of Informatics, Goshen College

The Genotype diet makes perfect sense to me. I am glad I did the Blood Type Diet first because it got me used to eating this way, so the GenoType transition was smoother. There are 3 genotype for O's Gatherer, Hunter, and Explorer! The foods are broken down even more than in the Blood Type Diet and SWAMI gives you your own personal list for your own health issues! There are foods that work better and increase health depending on which GenoType you are. Each Genotype gets their own list of food which makes them heal and feel better. As far as people talking about a diet they NEVER tried I say DON'T KNOCK IT TILL YOU TRY IT!!!


Even with the great benefits of my weight effortlessly dropping to my ideal college-size, improved quality of sleep, elimination of IBS, 90% disappearance of arthritis pain and vanishing of cravings, my all-time favorite result of following my SWAMI recommendations is the deep sense of ease in my internal organs. My body simply doesn't feel like it's having to struggle anymore. That is a priceless treasure!


I've been struggling with Fibromyalgia for years. In my case at least, there are multiple causes; healing is like finding different puzzle pieces and then putting them together correctly.

SWAMI has identified all of my "food triggers." I'm not 100% healed yet, because there are still non-food triggers that can set off fibro-flares. I'm working on identifying and treating those triggers, but I'm not done yet. Plus, I'm not always 100% perfect with my diet, and when I stray from the plan, I suffer.

I'm no longer taking pain medication daily, and I'm more energized and capable than I was before starting on my SWAMI diet. The Blood Type Diet helped me a lot, but SWAMI has taken that healing even further.

--Ruth Lanton

One size fits all diets/nutrition programs beware!!! Throw out any diet books you may have lurking in your home. I am certain Swami XP2 will change your view on the typical "count calories/eat the miracle food" diets.

For years, I tortured myself by trying to eat low fat, low carb, high protein, you name it diets and found that I couldn't follow the plan, lost energy, got bad psoriasis, and got sick.

Now that I follow my "only for me Swami", I am beyond healthy, never get bugs, and have energy to burn. My skin is clear. Chronic illnesses that appeared for my siblings and parents have not materialized in me and well into my 50's, I am able to maintain a good balance of muscle to fat without starving by following this way of life.

The best part of this way of eating, is that my list contains foods I truly enjoy, plus it has given me the impetus to experiment with new and interesting foods. It is easy to follow and does not require crazy or expensive foods. Try it, you will be impressed!!

--Jean Bundschuh Blood Type Diet since 1997

It is easy to use and personalized to you You have the power to adjust and tweek things by updating your information at anytime. As you become healthier you want to jump for joy! As someone who came off diabetic and blood pressure medicine and dropped my triglycerides from 234 to 169 (still working on getting it below 150) - not to mention lost over 80 pounds, I am very happy with the program, well worth every penny spent. The boards are great places to get questions answered and just some friendly support.

--Proud vegan Warrior

SWAMI for me has been like having the doctor in the house, at my fingertips. It has taken the guesswork out of the healthy living equation, providing a complete program for a lifestyle that adapts to my current physical and mental needs. I love it that besides being flexible, it is portable and I can carry it with me in paper or electronic form wherever I go. I love that it is backed up by a supportive and extremely knowledgeable forum community 24/7 and that Dr D himself participates in it ... Yes, like I already said, it is like having the doctor doing a house visit whenever you need it and all for the once off cost of a fraction of any Doctor consultation. But, above all, I love that SwamiX is the tool that makes a reality of the belief that 'Food is your best medicine'.


SWAMI determines which foods are most appropriate for each individual, leading to optimal weight, health and energy. I lost 60 lbs. and normalized my BP, cholesterol and glucose. Needless to say, I feel great!

Most satisfying, though, is when guests at our dinner table discover that we eat so well. Grilled tuna one night, lamb chops another, roasted turkey… No food deprived, over-processed "one-size-fits-all system" for us!


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