Hello, and welcome to SWAMI XP2.

Frequently Asked Questions About SWAMI

OK, I want SWAMI Xpress. How much does it cost? The cost of each SWAMI diet intake is $79.95 (USD). This includes everything needed to run one SWAMI diet report on one individual. Multiple reports can be linked to one account. This fee entitles you to all free upgrades and unlimited abilities to update your settings as you gain new information or some of your details change.
What are the charges for upgrades? Your SWAMI purchase entitles you to continuous free upgrades. Since SWAMI web-based, so you are always using the latest version of the software without the hassle of repeated software installations.
If SWAMI is web-based, should I be concerned about security? SWAMI uses a secure website with full 256 bit data encryption, the same as that used by Apple Computer and Amazon. All SWAMI data is additionally encrypted by special algorithms designed by Dr.D'Adamo. Obviously, we cannot go into the fine details of these precautions.
What are the technical requirements needed to run SWAMI on my computer? If you are already successfully surfing the Internet you probably have the necessary technical requirements to run SWAMI. However here are some other considerations to keep in mind:
  • Internet Connection (preferably high speed) and a recently updated Internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer.
  • Several simple body measurements and your fingerprints. If you need help with this, the Home GenoTyping Kit is available or consider the SWAMI Intro Pack.
  • Blood Type and RH Factor. If you need help with this, the Home Blood Typing Kit is available.
  • Although beneficial but not mandatory, knowledge of your Secretor Status is recommended. If you need help with this, the Secretor Test Kit is available.
Do you provide customer support services for this program? Yes, customer support is available by phone or email from the SWAMI XP2 Support tab once you login to SWAMI.
Is there online help? Each section of the SWAMI intake features an in-depth help screen. Click here for an example of a typical SWAMI Screen.
Is there an End-User License Agreement? I'd like to read it. Yes there is. It is available as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file.
Did Dr. D'Adamo actually write the program for this? Yes he did. Over the last four years he has developed and refined the SWAMI diet system for both consumers and professionals. SWAMI XP2 currently uses over 50 interlocking programs and executes over 55,000 lines of computer code. Click here to see a typical page of SWAMI computer code.
To begin your SWAMI journey, click the Next button to go to the secure payment screen. Once you successfully complete the purchase, we'll send an email with your login details so you can start using SWAMI Xpress immediately.

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